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Example of a Few of Our Prior Short Sales
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 Amount of Debt $605,000.00 Sold For $396,0000.00

Glen Ellyn, IL: Client had two mortgages for total of 605,000.00. As always the bank paid all realtor fees, attorney fees and property taxes and the seller received FULL WAIVER OF DEFICIENCY on both loans with $3,000.00 cash back to seller.
 Amount of Debt $735,000.00 Sold For $351,000.00

Hinsdale, IL: Client had seven (7) separate liens. Negotiated with every creditor and achieved a FULL WAIVER OF DEFICIENCY on all loans and liens with $10,000.00 cash back to seller and all closing costs paid. Seller worked with five (5) other companies and achieved ZERO results. We closed it in 90 days.
 Amount of Debt $567,000.00 Sold For $250,000.00

North Aurora, IL: Client bought this property for $440,000 at the peak of the real estate market in 2006. Client had two mortgage's totaling $567,000.00 due to not making a payment for 3+ years. The successful Short Sale closed for $250,000 and client received FULL DEBT FORGIVENESS and paid ZERO at closing and received a check for $20,000.00
 AMOUNT OF DEBT $736,000.00 SOLD FOR $350,0000.00

West Chicago, IL: Client had 2 loans for a total of almost $736,000.00. We were able to sell the home for $350,000.00. Client lived in the home while we completed the sale of the home. The seller was FULLYRELEASED OF ALL DEBT + RELOCATION ASSISTANCE OF $10,000.00 for cooperating with bank
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